Najväčšia požičovňa áut v Bratislave

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You receive the vehicle with a full tank and it also returns with a full one, otherwise you will be charged for refueling according to the valid price list.
The vehicle must be clean when returned. Otherwise, you will be liable for any damage found during cleaning before the next rental.
The Slovak motorway stamp is included in the rental price.
With our vehicle you are allowed free entry to EU countries except Romania and Bulgaria.
In the event of an accident or damage, it is necessary that this event be reported to us immediately and a written report of the accident is delivered at the latest when the vehicle is returned. If this does not happen, accident insurance will not be available for the damage incurred.
There is a charge for handing over the vehicle outside the opening hours using the keybox according to the valid price list. Always hand over the documents and the key to the vehicle, the entrance parking ticket and the written accident report to the keybox if the vehicle has been damaged during your rental.
If you do not insert a parking ticket, you may be charged the next day.
The car must be returned to the same branch, otherwise you will be charged a fee according to the valid price list.


1) Check the condition of the vehicle
Please make sure that the condition of the rental object agrees with the description on this form before you start your journey. If you find damage to an object of rent that is not marked on this form, please notify the AVIS employee immediately to record it in the report. Damage found when returning the leased object is classified as damage for which the lessee is responsible and the damage will be charged to him in accordance with the general terms and conditions (GTC) AVIS.

2) Management and servicing of the leased object
Contact an AVIS employee for more information on operating and driving the vehicle.

3) General rental information
Make sure you understand the landlord's GTC.


1) Smoking is prohibited in the rental object!
For violation of the prohibition, the landlord will impose a fine on the tenant according to the valid price list of AVIS fees published on

2) Observe traffic regulations!
In case of violation of traffic regulations, the landlord will charge the tenant a one-time administrative fee for resolving the fine.

3) Occurrence of a complication (damage, disorder)

In the event of a complication during the rental, please contact one of the listed contacts within the stated time availability.

4) Damage caused by the tenant
In the event of a vehicle malfunctioning by the lessee, the lessee is not entitled to a free replacement vehicle from the lessor. Damage to the interior or storage space is not covered by the insurance and the tenant is fully responsible for the damage.


The Lessee is obliged to report the traffic accident to the police or fill in the Accident Report in accordance with the AVIS GTC, which is located in the subject of the lease, otherwise the Lessee is responsible for any damage caused to the Lessor in this way. The Lessee is obliged to inform the Lessor in writing of any damage to the subject of the lease to the address immediately within 24 hours at the latest and to provide him with the following in written electronic form:

  • Photo documentation of the damage
  • Description of damage
  • Accident report and report from the police (if it had to be called in accordance with the rental conditions)


1) Return of the object of lease

In the event that the lessee decides to return the leased object outside the working hours of the agreed branch, he is responsible for all damage to the leased object that occurred during the period of use of the leased object. At the same time, it is responsible for detected damage that is not marked and signed by the lessor's employee on the front of the form when taking over the vehicle. If the lessee decides to return the vehicle out of working hours of the branch, lessee is responsible for any damage to the subject of rent that has arisen during the period of use. At the same time, lessee is responsible for founded damage that is not marked and signed by the lessor employee in the front of the form when the vehicle is taking over. The vehicle must be returned clean enough so that a thorough inspection of the leased object can be carried out by AVIS employees and also without any rubbish. Disposal of left or forgotten waste may be charged according to the AVIS fee list published on

2) General instructions for deposit return

The deposit is usually released within 4 working days. In the event of damage to the leased object, this period may be extended until the damage is assessed by the technical department. The Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor about the non-release of the returned deposit.

3) The obligation of the lessee to check the subject of the lease after the end of the lease

The Lessor recommends that the Lessee check the object of the lease and personal belongings in the subject of the lease before returning the object of the lease, as the Lessor is not responsible for the deferred things after the end of the lease.

AVIS contacts:

AVIS Finance Department:

AVIS Complaints Department:

General AVIS information:


General information AVIS
+421 900 200 200 (the line is charged at 0.60 € / min.)
available MON - FRI 08:00 - 16:30

AVIS technical support:
+421 902 933 887
available MON - FRI 08:00 - 17:00

Roadside assistance in the event of an ALLIANZ accident:
+421 2 50 122 222
available 24/7

Roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown:

0800 166 166 | +421 216 166
exclusively Renault

0800 122 424 | +421 2 6453 1177
exclusively Peugeot

0800 115 184 | +421 2 4920 5953
exclusively Volkswagen

+421 2 5010 2601
exclusively Mercedes-Benz

0800 185 654 | +421 2 4364 1035
exclusively KIA

0800 119 455 | +421 2 4920 5951
exclusively Škoda

0850 211 265 | +421 2 4445 6064
exclusively BMW

0800 112 020 | +36 1 371 54 95
Exclusively for Nissan

0800 162 626 | +420 221 586 626
Only Toyota