Check before returning the vehicle

Najväčšia požičovňa áut v Bratislave

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What to remember to check before returning the vehicle?

11 points that experts recommend to think about before handing over the vehicle to the Lessor

1. Vehicle cleanliness 
The vehicle must be returned in the condition in which it was taken over, ie clean enough inside and outside so that the vehicle can be inspected. Also, no rubbish must be left in the vehicle. 

2. Fuel tank condition 
Make sure that the condition of the fuel tank (empty / full) has been taken over by the vehicle. The vehicle must be returned in exactly the same condition (or higher) as you took it over. Refueling the vehicle is extra charged. 

3. Bodywork 
On the painted part of the body, scratches must not be larger than 2 cm and penetrated below the surface of the paint and overhangs larger than 2 cm with paint damage. Pay attention to the edges of the doors, handles, bumpers from the underside of the vehicle, the hood and the roof. Also unpainted body parts must not be scratched or rubbed. Body parts must not come loose or even stand out. 

4. Windows 
There must be no scratches, peeling, splinters or cracks on the windscreen as well as other windows. Pay particular attention to the black (lower) zone of the windscreen. The crack in this area cannot be repaired / flooded. 

5. Technical condition 
The vehicle must not show any technical defects, engine damage or mechanical defects such as a malfunction of the windows.

6. Vehicle documents 
Just as you check your identity documents, don't forget the ones from the vehicle. You always pick up the vehicle with a small or large technical card and a green card. Documents of the same composition must also be submitted. 

7. Mileage 
If you are not currently renting without a limited number of kilometers, be careful to comply with the prepaid mileage limit. This is usually given for the day or month. The mileage record always records the mileage when the vehicle is taken over.

8. Tires and wheels 
The tires must not have a significant crack or peeling. The legal tread depth of summer tires is 1.6 mm and winter tires 3.0 mm. Alloy or sheet metal discs must not be damaged, scratched, peeled or broken. 

9. Interior 
Don't forget to check the interior. Beware of a scratched steering wheel, damage or scratches on the dashboard, damage to the electronics and its controls. These must not be loose or broken off. Also pay attention to damage to the seats and trunk and plastics. If you have selected the mandatory equipment or jack or other accessories, do not forget to return it to the vehicle. 

Especially for commercial vehicles, don't forget to:

10. Loading space 
There must be no scratches or significant scratches on the paved floor. The floor of the vehicle must not be covered, resp. punctured. Door and wall panels must not be punctured. Also pay attention to the damage to the partition wall between the cab and the load compartment, the mudguards and the walls on the sides of the vehicle. Always anchor the transported items properly!

11. Exterior 
As with passenger cars, be careful not to damage or scratch the roof of the vehicle, the loading edge of the load compartment and the entire body. On the painted part of the body, scratches must not be larger than 2 cm and penetrated below the surface of the paint and overhangs larger than 2 cm with paint damage.