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AVIS aims to provide safe, sustainable and affordable transport solutions for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Our company, with more than 1,500 vehicles on Slovak roads, is one of the key providers of transportation and mobility services. Aware of the impact that our vehicles have on our environment and air, we conduct public education as part of the transition to low-carbon management of the vehicle fleet and use procedures that support the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our immodest goal is to have the so-called a green fleet of vehicles that will have the lowest combined value of CO2 emissions among comparably significant mobility service providers in Slovakia. This includes not only our transparency, ESG strategy, but also the active approach of us, our employees and our customers.

That's why we created the "Better Tomorrow" project.

Our mission

Protecting the environment in our daily life is the duty of all of us. Why don't we put it into practice? It is only in our hands. Let's start right away and we can still positively influence our generation.

Our promise

AVIS creates a better, greener tomorrow. We are on the right path to sustainability, it is important to persevere and provide high-quality mobility services on low-emission vehicles.

Tree planting

Our clients of long-term products, including operational leasing, receive a gift from us when taking over their vehicles, which includes, among other things, Eucalyptus pauciflora seeds. This tree is exceptional, among other things, due to its ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in its tissues. Eucalyptus are among the trees that have a high capacity for photosynthesis and grow very quickly, which allows them to absorb and store a larger amount of CO2 compared to other types of trees. Therefore, eucalypts, including Eucalyptus pauciflora, are often used to protect and restore forest areas, to reforest barren lands, and to combat climate change. Last but not least, it is a highly resistant tree (it can withstand frosts down to -20 °C) and with beautiful flower coloring.

Tree planting takes place under the coordination of the capital Bratislava. A digital map is currently being developed that will show you where you can plant the seeds. Until then, we will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable location. Just contact us.

Be a part of it.

The mindset of AVIS is green

With the greatest responsibility, we try to communicate why CO2 emissions are important when choosing vehicles and we try to motivate clients to take a "green" step. It's easy and simple. We will help you   get rid of the old ones   and air polluting vehicles. Discover the world of ecological mobility with AVIS and enjoy unique benefits and a new experience of the joy of driving.

The future is here and thanks to us you will be ready for it.

See the offer   of our vehicles .

By choosing our vehicles, you will forget about long-term obligations, the stress of resale, and you will always have a new car with the latest technologies! Enjoy all the benefits of a long-term lease and get rid of the burden of ownership, focus on the joy of driving and the performance of a low-emission vehicle.