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For a healthier and cleaner tomorrow


FOR A HEALTHIER AND CLEANER TOMORROW: AVIS introduces sustainable and safe transport solutions for all. With our vehicles, we are committed to progressively reducing greenhouse gases.

AVIS aims to provide safe, sustainable and affordable transport solutions for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

With more than 1,500 vehicles on the roads, our company is one of the key providers of transport and mobility services. Recognizing the impact that our vehicles have on our environment and air, we are doing public education as part of the transition to low carbon fleet management, using practices that support the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our non-private goal is to have a green fleet of vehicles that will have the lowest combined CO2 emissions of any comparably sized mobility service provider in the country. This includes not only our transparency and ESG strategy but also a proactive approach by us, our employees and our customers.

That is why we have created the "Better Tomorrow" project.


Our mission

Protecting the environment in our daily lives is a duty we all have. Why don't we put it into practice? It is in our hands. Let's start now and we can still have a positive impact on our generation.

Our promise

AVIS is creating a better greener tomorrow. We are well on our way to sustainability, the important thing is to persevere and deliver high quality mobility services on low emission vehicles.

Planting trees

Our long-term product clients, including operating leases, receive a gift from us when they take delivery of their vehicles, which includes, among other things, Eucalyptus pauciflora seeds. This tree is exceptional, among other things, for its ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in its tissues. Eucalypts are among the trees that have a high capacity for photosynthesis and grow very quickly, which allows them to absorb and store a greater amount of CO2 compared to other tree species. For this reason, eucalypts, including Eucalyptus pauciflora, are often used for the protection and restoration of forest areas, for reforestation of barren soils and to combat climate change. Last but not least, it is a highly hardy tree (it can withstand frosts down to - 20 °C) and has beautiful flower colour.

The planting of the trees is coordinated by the City of Bratislava. A digital map is currently being developed to show you where you can plant the seeds. In the meantime, we will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable location. Just contact us.

Be a part of it.

AVIS thinking is green

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We take the utmost responsibility to communicate why CO2 emissions are important when choosing vehicles and try to motivate our clients to take the "green" step. It's easy and simple. We can help youget rid of old and polluting vehicles. Discover the world of green mobility with AVIS and enjoy unique benefits and a new experience of driving pleasure.

The future is here, and thanks to us, you'll be ready for it.

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By choosing our vehicles, you'll forget about long-term commitments, the stress of resale and always have a new car with the latest technology! Enjoy all the benefits of a long-term lease and take the burden of ownership off your shoulders, focusing on the joy of driving and the performance of a low-emission vehicle.