Najväčšia požičovňa áut v Bratislave

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Many of us like to spend the summer away from home. Some on trips for adventure, others on trips for relaxation.

Do you like to spend time by the sea and sunbathing on the beach, or do you prefer to escape from the heat to mountainous areas? Or do you like to use your free time to get to know the history and culture of magnificent cities? We bring you tips on vacation spots accessible by car from Bratislava within a few hours!


One of the most popular seaside destinations approximately 6 hours away, in Slovenia, is Portorož. The shortest route to the city of Portorož leads through beautiful cities such as Vienna, Graz and Ljubljana . In Vienna, you can stop for a Sacher cake or in the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace , with a vast park with castle gardens and fountains, the oldest zoo in the world, a garden full of mazes and games, a triumphal arch, greenhouses with botanical exhibits - the Palm House (Palmenhaus) and the Desert House (Wustenhaus). Tickets can be purchased on the website:
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In Graz, you will find a number of historically significant buildings, thanks to which the city center was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to the center, we recommend visiting the nearby Eggenberg castle .   or man-made island known as   Murinsel .
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On the way from Graz to Ljubljana, there is the karst cave Jama Pekel , where you can see the image of the devil in the rocks   . In Ljubljana, don't miss the famous bridges that are decorated with dragons, statues and love locks. Definitely worth a visit   Ljubljana Castle , to which there is a tourist train and a cable car.   It is also a popular tourist activity   cruise   on a traditional boat   along the river Ljubljanica . .
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Between the city of Ljubljana and the seaside destinations of Portorož and Trieste, you will also find the two most visited Slovenian caves and Predjama Castle. Predjama Castle   is located in a 123-meter high rock cliff, which ranks it among the largest cave castles in the world, thanks to which it is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. A cave   Postojna pit   the tour also includes a trip by train. Tickets to the cave and the castle can be purchased together.   They are located nearby   Škocjanské caves , a natural phenomenon of worldwide importance, because it is the largest known underground canyon in the world and belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. .
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The final destination of this trip, the city of Portorož,   for a long time it was famous primarily for its medical spas, but with the gradual development of tourism, it began to transform into a modern and fun holiday resort with the longest sandy beach on the Slovenian coast. Luxury hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues with casinos earned the city the nickname Monte Carlo of the Adriatic. The most famous casino bears the name   Grand Casino Portorož   and is one of the oldest casinos in Europe. More information and casino opening hours can be found here:   The city is surrounded by ancient stone city walls with several remarkable gates, which have been renewed several times since the 7th century. Only 10 minutes by car from the center, it is located   Moon bay . A romantic natural beach under a high 80-meter cliff in the Strunjan nature reserve, which is considered the most beautiful in all of Slovenia.   Strunjan reserve   there is an educational trail and from the top of the cliff you can enjoy a wonderful view. It is the highest cliff on the Adriatic coast.
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