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A sought-after novelty that will surprise you with its usability as well as rich equipment.

Mercedes-Benz Vito   is one of the most popular models in the category   small commercial vehicles . Due to its versatility and wide range of uses, we decided to include it in our fleet   AVIS Van Rental commercial vehicles   and in a few weeks it has become the most sought-after vehicle in our offer. In this article, we will look at the reasons why this delivery is so popular.

  1. Small on the outside, big on the inside
  2. Rich equipment
  3. Hitch
  4. Automatic gear
  5. Wooden paneling of the cargo space
Low CO2 vehicle from Avis car rental for short and long term rental.
  1. Small on the outside, big on the inside

A compact delivery does not always mean a small delivery. AVIS offers Vito in two size versions Long and Extralong, which will offer clients 6m3 and 6.6m3 with a cargo space length of 2.8m and 3m.

These vehicles will therefore provide you with enough necessary space to transport purchased furniture, export waste, or transport a motorcycle.

The external dimensions of both versions are so compact that it is possible to enter the underground garage or parking house and similar limited spaces without fear of damage.

  1. Rich equipment

At AVIS Van Rental, we offer our clients above-standard vehicles so that you feel comfortable and safe while driving with them.

Therefore, when configuring new models, we do not skimp on equipment elements that are important for comfort and safety.

In our Vita you will find everything that modern commercial vehicles have to offer, such as bluetooth, touch screen with navigation, automatic air conditioning, 360 ° parking sensors, reversing camera, rain sensor.

And for the most demanding we have ready thermal insulation glass, electric heater and additional comfortable seats.

Rent a car from Avis to your fleet with minimal CO2.

Low CO2 vehicle from Avis car rental for short and long term rental.
  1. Hitch

For the first time, a vehicle with a towing device appears in the AVIS Slovensko offer, which means that whenever you need to tow a caravan and go on holiday with your family, connect a boat with a boat or tow a trailer with material, you can rely on you will be able to rent us a vehicle equipped in this way.

All Mercedes-Benz Vito vehicles are equipped with a towing device.

  1. Automatic gear

Whether you are planning a long journey at a highway pace or a slow shift in the morning traffic jam, you will definitely appreciate the 9-speed automatic transmission, which will make your driving more enjoyable in any situation.

In addition to the fact that you will not feel its shifting even with a fully loaded vehicle, it can work with 160 horsepower so that you always have enough of it.

Rent a car from Avis to your fleet with minimal CO2.

Low CO2 vehicle from Avis car rental for short and long term rental.
  1. Wooden paneling of the cargo space

To avoid unnecessary damage to the vans, we equip our vehicles with parking sensors and reversing cameras from the outside, but we do not forget the most stressed part of these cars, which is the cargo space.

All commercial vehicles in our offer are equipped with a reinforced floor and Vito is no exception.

A novelty, however, is the wooden lining of the cargo space on the sides to the ceiling, which contributes to the usability of these attractive vehicles.


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