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About Us

AVIS We Try Harder

AVIS is the leading car rental company in the world. The slogan of the company “We try harder.”, which has the reputation of one of the most popular advertising slogans in the world, has become an expression of company philosophy of its employees. The basic criterion of AVIS´s activity is the continual improvement of services and confirmed booking price.

AVIS Worldwide Services also in Slovakia

AVIS – International Car Rental – owns over 6000 offices in more than 17 countries around the world through which it rents more than 700,000 vehicles.

Since November 1996, AVIS has also been operating in Slovakia on behalf of United Rental Group, s.r.o., which has achieved significant achievements in the size of its car fleet, in the number of categories of cars offered as well as quality of service, over the course of its operations for twenty-one years. By making its services available throughout the country, AVIS has become a fully-fledged operating company with 24 branches all over Slovakia.

The company has nearly 1,000 vehicles in its fleet in 31 categories. Whether you are looking for a smaller economy vehicle, luxury sedan, or SUV, you always have what to choose from. In our offer of vehicles, you will find LED lighting, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, automatic headlamps, massage seats and much more other useful equipment.

AVIS, however, are not just cars that you can rent almost anywhere in Slovakia. They are mainly people who know how to appreciate real values. On the one hand, there are employees who are proud of their work, and on the other hand there are our customers, who, in addition to the brand of the car they rented, also see the AVIS brand, which guarantees them its qualities. Anyone can afford the car rental prices offered. Just pick the right vehicle.

In the AVIS philosophy, the customer is always at the forefront – the main goal is to achieve long-term partner relationships, tracking customer´s needs and designing optimal solutions.

AVIS Wizard – the first online car rental system on the market

The Wizard system has evolved for nearly twenty-five years, and international company AVIS has invested one billion US dollars. The Wizard Network was the first online car rental system on the market. The system is now fully integrated, the network connects each AVIS station and enables AVIS to maximize and deliver efficient and high-quality services to customers around the world. Through a network linked to an on-line database, AVIS employees receive information for customers about AVIS services worldwide and are able to make a booking in real time anywhere in the world. Because the Wizard database contains all the details and personal information of the customer, the entire rental process is faster and better.

Wizard enables instant access to customer data, credit card number, customer travel number, etc. The Wizard system serves customers 24 hours a day. It handles 300 million data per second, more than a hundred thousand reservations per day and 1.8 million customers per month.