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AVIS has won the prestigious Superbrands award its sixth time in a row.

AVIS has won the prestigious Superbrands award six times in a row.

We are delighted that this year we have been ranked again among the leading Slovak brands, representing an example of doing successful business, continuous development, quality improvement, and building a strong and stable brand. The Superbrands award is a guarantee of first-class services and open access that we provide to our customers

The Superbrands award is awarded annually by a commission composed of business, communication, marketing, and PR professionals who assess brands according to predefined criteria such as brand strength, innovations, product quality, and brand prestige. In addition to the expert commission, the general public also evaluates these individual brands.

The Superbrands program was established more than twenty years ago in the UK. Marketing and communication professionals have determined two goals: to put extraordinarily strong brands in the center of attention and to present them to market participants, who would like to progress and learn, brands worth following. Since then, the program has received worldwide recognition and today the Superbrands Award is recognized as a special award in 90 countries on five continents. The Brand Council has a key role during awarding the awards, therefore its members can only be leading, highly respected experts.

AVIS has received the Superbrands award in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.