Najväčšia požičovňa áut v Bratislave

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Starting a car rental business is not difficult, but what then?

It is much more difficult to solve challenges in the form of operational activities, vehicle registration, handling complaints, repairing damage and, last but not least, the lack of cars.

Lending a car to friends, acquaintances and later to a wider circle of customers is a regular business, and therefore it cannot be done without discipline, properly set processes or a strong negotiating position in relation to vehicle sellers or financing banks.

It takes approximately 6 to 12 months to start a professional car rental company. But the most difficult thing is to keep the car rental company profitable for a long time, as the car rental company is primarily a seasonal business, and the business strategy of the company must be adapted to this.

It looks difficult, but thanks to us you can handle it in one go.
Why AVIS? We are a representative of a strong American company   AVIS BUDGET GROUP Inc.

  • The world's largest and most versatile mobility provider, the value of the company as of August 5, 2022 is 8.6 billion on the American stock exchange. dollars
  • Worldwide operation in more than 180 countries with the largest network of branches, more than 11,000
  • Strong corporate clientele
  • Already 25 years of operation in Slovakia
  • We are among the largest buyers of vehicles in Slovakia
  • Strong negotiating position vis-à-vis vehicle dealers, banks or insurance companies
  • Fleet size 1500+ vehicles
  • More than 10,000 customers a year in Slovakia
  • Custom programmed systems and automated processes

Why is mobility the future? Become our partner and leader of mobility in your city! Look   our corporate video HERE .

We know how to do it! And we'll teach you too!

What will we gain from the joint partnership?


  • a reliable and ambitious partner in the region who is interested in developing business in the field of mobility


  • a new powerful business channel for new bookings
  • cooperation with international brokers, thanks to which you will sell through and other channels
  • access to vehicles, including discounts or financing
  • access to special insurance conditions
  • access to model documents, including contracts and protocols
  • support of our marketing department and access to internal databases
  • fleet management and reservation management systems, including damage records in the cloud

We grow every year and you can join us!

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There is only one LEADER. Join us and be a LEADER in your region.

Is there even a good time for it?

The time is perfect. See the leadership of our company in several interviews on television, how they predicted what will happen during the COVID-19 pandemic with mobility and how their predictions came true.

TA3 – AVIS for 25 years in Slovakia
TA3 – The future of the automotive industry
TA3 – How will the corona crisis affect mobility?

We are professionals in what we do, we know what we are doing, we know where we are going.

See the leaflet below for which regions we are looking for partners as a priority. We will be happy if you contact us for further information.

If you are interested in our cooperation offer or would like to learn more, please   write us an email at