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We offer solutions to remove insulation and mobility after it has ended

AVIS discounted car rental, prepared new special offers and gives them a safe way to get home from mandatory insulation and move further if necessary.


  • Slovaks who have returned from abroad have difficulty getting home after examination and isolation;
  • The AVIS car rental company also introduced contactless acceptance and delivery of vehicles prepared to a high safety standard;
  • AVIS has also extended its special offer of 14-day rentals with 25-50% discounts to make it easier for them to move home.

When you return from abroad to Slovakia today, you are obliged to observe a 14-day quarantine during which you must not leave home. However, if you are returning to an organized group of people or to repatriation, you are ordered to be isolated in facilities designated by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic for the time necessary to perform laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 coronavirus. After finding a negative result, you are ordered home insulation for a total of 14 days together.

It is important to recall that since 2 April 2020 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stopped accepting applications for the registration of citizens with an interest in repatriation.   "There are several reasons, among other things, that in many cases Slovak citizens do not take advantage of the possibility of organized repatriation at the last minute, or they only apply for it formally, because their usual residence is abroad ," the ministry said.

Traveling in a time of so-called coronary crisis is not pleasant, because even we cannot be sure of our health. It is also the case of a couple we will call Peter and Ivana for the purposes of this paper and preserving their anonymity.

Peter and Ivana applied for repatriation from Austria and thus joined the large group of three thousand Slovak citizens who made the same decision (from several countries). In spite of the fact that air transport is being referred to in the context of repatriation, in fact, transport is in fact provided by bus for only a few cases. This form of transport is free, but many people still don't like the idea of traveling for hours in the bus seat with other people. Perhaps that is why, after returning to Slovakia, they decided to run away literally and not participate in the isolation and other steps that the state made conditional upon the affidavit.

Peter and Ivana were among those who acted responsibly and landed on ordered isolation, including testing for the presence of COVID-19 coronavirus. The result was negative, yet they respected the obligation to stay in the quarantine for another 14 days, from which they had to spend only a few nights in the facility. Although there have been strong criticisms of the low level of accommodation on the Internet, the problem is that they have no way of getting out of the Gabčíkovo Interior Ministry.

"Traveling by air is totally unacceptable for me in this situation, because I could easily get infected from others even after they tested me and my girlfriend negatively ," says Peter, adding: " Our families live far away from Gabčík if I want to keep quarantine, not only leaving the house, but also limiting contact with other people after all. "

The AVIS car rental company has given a helping hand to Petr and Ivana, who in the current situation follows extraordinary safety measures, is able to guarantee the health safety of its vehicles and adjusted its price lists to be able to help a wide group of people in a similar situation. The car rental company provided Peter and Ivan so that they did not have to travel with connections and put themselves and others at risk, avoiding any unnecessary contact with others.

The Renault Clio was built according to their instructions after thorough disinfection of the interior and exterior handles and handed over without contact. Literally for several tens of euros, a few young people were given the opportunity to secure a secure individual transport, without any risk.

   It is definitely a good experience for me. AVIS handed us the car without waiting, it was still smell of disinfection. We took the car for a month to run to the fresh air somewhere alone in the mountains. "

We want to help

AVIS Slovensko offers all repatriated persons 7 days free of charge for a 14-day rental. For more information please contact our booking office at +421 2 2030 2100 or email Please tell us that you are calling on the basis of this article.

Two-week rentals with huge discounts

We also offer other individuals interested in safe individual transport, we have introduced extra 14-day rentals with discounts of 25 to 50 percent valid until 30 April 2020. See offer

Why rent a car today?

  • Cars from AVIS car rental have been proactively disinfected for weeks before and after each rental;
  • The whole process of ordering, taking over the vehicle and its final handover takes place without contact, ie without the risk of spreading the disease;
  • You also need a car during increased safety precautions to ensure the purchase of seniors in your own family or to help others with transport so that they do not have to travel by train;
  • Traveling with links is extremely risky today and is strongly discouraged. Individual transport is currently the safest method of transport.


The extraordinary situation calls for extraordinary measures and the Slovak AVIS has also ranked among the companies with a strong appeal to social responsibility.