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Start your business with supplies from AVIS Van Rental

Many companies have come under pressure from long-term measures and lockdowns to optimize costs. Many companies have narrowed their fleet and sales or withdrawals from leasing have not escaped deliveries.

With the relaxation of long-term measures and the improvement of the pandemic situation, new business opportunities are coming, so it is time to think about how to replace fleet outages.

At the same time, however, we are on the threshold of the third wave of the pandemic, which will hit full force again in the autumn, which is why the question of how to use vehicles without complex approval and long commitment is soon on the table.

Is buying a delivery really advantageous?

Ways to order   commercial vehicle   there are several to choose from. Buying a vehicle is still a frequent choice of entrepreneurs who, under the illusion of control of property, make huge initial investments in the procurement of a vehicle in the order of tens of thousands of euros, often associated with the difficulty of obtaining financing. In addition, owning a vehicle on its own property is also disadvantageous due to the gradually declining value of the vehicle, while the cost of operating it will continue to rise. It should also be borne in mind that in the current pandemic situation, the dealers' stocks have run out and the vehicles ordered for production are waiting for several months.

Why should you consider renting a commercial vehicle?

The benefits of renting are clear. Thanks   largest fleet of commercial vehicles   in Slovakia, you have a guarantee of immediate vehicle availability at AVIS Van Rental. This will avoid months of waiting when you have to   transportation of goods   deal with it in an alternative way anyway. The complete offer of models can be found in the section   fleet . If you do not own the vehicle, you are exempt from the amount of administration and costs associated with registration, deregistration, insurance, warranty services, in the case of an older vehicle also with technical and emission inspections, or costs associated with seasonal relocation.

Rent through   AVIS Van Rental   you get a reliable partner, while the rental price includes all the above-mentioned costs and the use of the supply thus becomes much more affordable. The rental price also includes UGS, accident insurance, theft insurance, tolls within the territory of the Slovak Republic, seasonal take-over, as well as 24-hour assistance within the entire EU. The main advantages of renting a vehicle are:

  • Immediate availability
  • Low deposit
  • Possibility to operatively adjust the length of the lease as needed
  • Possibility to choose a more cost-effective variant of driving km according to your current needs and thus optimize rental costs

Bonus in the form of a monthly rental

Monthly rent   offers you the maximum possible degree of flexibility with the possibility of operational extension. You can choose from two entry limits, namely 3,000 and 5,000 kilometers.   Monthly rent   it will ensure the certainty of the vehicle's availability even within a few months, without you having to commit to a longer period. You get a comprehensive package of services combined into one installment, which brings an overview of the costs of managing your company's fleet. You can find out about the current special offers   TU .



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