How to rent a car from A to Z in AVIS Slovakia

Najväčšia požičovňa áut v Bratislave

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We have prepared a clear simple guide for you on how to proceed when you want to rent a vehicle from our company through its physical collection until the end of the rental.

1. Choice of date
On the home page   you will find a reservation   form   in which it is necessary to enter the exact date and time for the desired collection and return of the vehicle. Attention, our branches can be occupied for a specific hour, the booking form will offer you alternative dates or times of picking up the vehicle, or choose another date and time yourself or simply write us an email at   and we will contact you immediately regarding availability and prices. The rental day is calculated as 24 hours from the collection to the return of the vehicle and the form recalculates the rental price accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary to cut delivery and return times. The default time is always 11:00.

2. Vehicle selection
Choose the vehicle that suits your needs. It is necessary to focus on the number of people who will travel with you, the size of the luggage, the length of the trip and the length of the rental itself. Each of our vehicles is equipped with the ISOfix system, so there is no problem with attaching a child seat, which you can also rent with the vehicle. Adapt the size and equipment of the vehicle to these requirements. If you are booking a commercial vehicle, take into account the size and weight of the transported cargo when choosing. Never forget to fasten the goods firmly in the cargo space, as the cargo space is excluded from the insurance and the rental could be unpleasantly expensive for you. You can find the complete offer of our vehicles with detailed information about them in the section   fleet .

3. Completion of the reservation
To complete the reservation, it is necessary to enter the required information, confirm the reservation form and pay for the rental in advance. The site will prompt you to pay online immediately after completing all the necessary information. The rental can be paid by credit and debit card from all publishing companies except American Express. After sending the payment, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation, a confirmation of the rental payment and information about the amount of the deposit to your email address. This depends on the selected vehicle category and the length of the rental. It can range from € 700 for small cars to € 2,500 for luxury vehicles. The basic deposit for commercial vehicles is € 1,300. If the rent is not paid within 60 minutes. from the creation of the reservation, the reservation will be automatically canceled. Always bring the card with which the deposit will be or has been made to the branch to pick up the vehicle. See section 9 for detailed information about the backup.

4. Reservation confirmation
The booking confirmation will be sent to your email automatically after the successful submission of the booking form. In the booking confirmation you will find the time and place of collection and return of the vehicle, contact details and the rental price.
It may happen that the email will be delivered a few minutes after the booking is completed. Please do not make a booking repeatedly unless you have received the booking confirmation immediately.

5. Reservation change
If you need to modify the reservation date or replace the reserved vehicle with another one, please contact our reservation office by email at , or by phone at tel. number 0900 200 200 (this line is charged at the amount of 0.60 € / minute with VAT).

6. Cancellation
If the client cancels the confirmed lease, it is in the sense of the current one   Fee price list   charged fee for cancellation of prepaid reservation in the amount of 30% of the price of prepaid rental. If the client does not show up to take over the vehicle without first canceling the reservation, it will be in accordance with the current one   Fee price list   charged a fee for non-acceptance of a prepaid reservation in the amount of 50% of the price of the prepaid rental.

7. Lifting the vehicle
Arrive at the selected time at the selected branch (see booking confirmation for information)
It is necessary to bring a driver's license and ID card, and a payment / credit card with the same name as the rental agreement and a deposit. If you use someone else's card to make a deposit, it is necessary for the holder of this card to come to pick up the vehicle, otherwise our employee has the right to refuse the rental. If you made the deposit online before the rental, bring a card to pick up the vehicle anyway.

8. Signing the contract
Before handing over the vehicle, you will sign a rental agreement and a vehicle condition report at the branch. On the rental agreement, check the accuracy of the listed rental information, vehicle information and your personal information.
The vehicle status report contains the vehicle status described at the time the vehicle was handed over to the client. It is filled in by our specialists during the preparation of the vehicle before the rental. After signature by both parties, you will receive a copy of this protocol.
The vehicle can be driven by several drivers, but it is necessary for each driver to come to the branch to pick up the vehicle with a driver's and ID card for registration. Each additional driver is charged in accordance with   Fee price list .

9. Making a deposit
The amount of the deposit is affected by the length of the rental and the selected vehicle category. To make a deposit, you must use a credit / payment card valid for at least 6 months after the end of the rental, issued in your name. The condition is that the card is also signed by you. Otherwise, the branch employee has the right to refuse to rent the vehicle. The deposit can also be paid before renting through   online payments . Bring the card with which you made the deposit with you to pick up the vehicle. We do not accept cards issued by AMEX. The deposit cannot be paid in cash.

10. Vehicle inspection
Check that the condition of the fuel tank, the mileage and also any damage to the vehicle is correctly marked, which is marked with a cross on the log in the appropriate place on the vehicle. If you notice a discrepancy or something is not clear to you, feel free to contact the branch employee with a question. Remember that the condition of the vehicle after return is compared with the condition of the vehicle marked on the protocol at the time of handover, so it is really important that this condition is recorded as accurately as possible. Any claims about alleged existing damage to the vehicle after its proper collection and movement will no longer be accepted. The vehicle is always handed over to the client in full refueling and it is necessary to return it in full refueling.

11. Extension of lease  
The tenant is obliged to report any extension of the lease at least 24 hours before the agreed termination of the lease. The extension must be carried out in person on behalf of the landlord and the tenant must receive written permission for such an extension, with the extension is obliged to pay the rent in full to the landlord. Any non-extension within the term will be considered as unauthorized use of a foreign vehicle with all consequences. The rental can last a maximum of 30 days by default. By the 30th day at the latest, you must come to the branch in person to check in and ask for an extension of the rental if you are interested in continuing to use the vehicle.

12. Return the vehicle
The vehicle must be returned at the agreed time at the appropriate branch. If it is not possible for you to return the vehicle, you must notify us in advance on the telephone number 0900 200 200 (this line is charged at the amount of 0.60 € / minute with VAT), or by email at . However, we ask that you be available on your phone in this case. Before returning the vehicle, read what is good to check on the vehicle:   .

13. Inspection of the vehicle after rental
After renting the vehicle, our employee checks it and compares its condition with the condition recorded on the report. In particular, it writes off the condition of the fuel tank, the mileage and checks whether the vehicle has been damaged during rental. After signing by both parties, you will receive a copy of the report on the condition of the vehicle with the completed Vehicle section when returned. In the event that a new damage is registered on the vehicle, the customer is obliged to immediately deliver the written claim for the insured event to the lessor. If he does not do so, the customer risks that the damage to the vehicle will be repaired without applying insurance and the customer will pay the full amount of the damage by unlimited participation.

14. Deposit return
The return of funds deposited as a deposit for the vehicle will be processed by the branch employee immediately after the return of the vehicle if the vehicle has been refueled and without new damage. At the same time, you will receive a block from the POS terminal confirming the issued instruction to return the deposit. It can take 3-5 days for some banks and some types of transactions to credit your account back. If the funds have not been credited to your account even after this deadline, please contact your bank as a matter of priority, ideally with proof of payment and return of the deposit. In the event that new damage is registered after your rental, the process of returning the deposit may take a long time as the damage in terms of extent and severity must be assessed by a qualified technician.

15. Complaints
If you were not satisfied with our services, contact us via the complaints department. You can file a complaint via email address . You can find out the details in the Complaints Procedure.   We care about your satisfaction.

16. Accident
In the case of any traffic accident (even one in which no other vehicle or road user was involved), an accident report must be drawn up and signed by all parties involved and documented to the lessor within 24 hours of the incident. It is ideal to make photo documentation of the damage directly at the scene of the accident for further evidence in the insurance company. If it is necessary to use the assistance service, contact the assistance service of the Allianz insurance company in the event of an accident. Contacts for assistance services can be found on the back of the vehicle status report.

17. Fault
In the event of a vehicle breakdown, contact our call center during working hours on the telephone number 0900 200 200 (this line is charged at € 0.60 / minute with VAT), or directly the assistance service. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, this is provided by the service of the given car brand, not by the insurance company. The assistance service is usually contacted by a client present at the vehicle. Contacts for assistance services can be found on the back of the vehicle status report.

18. Corporate client
Are you a corporate customer and are you interested in using our services regularly? In this case, it is possible to take advantage of a number of benefits, from the payment of invoices to a more advantageous price list of our services. If you are interested, contact us at or on the telephone number 0900 200 200 (this line is charged at € 0.60 / minute with VAT).

We care that using our services becomes an experience that you will want to repeat. That's why we include complete innovations in our fleet, our vehicles offer above-standard equipment and we keep the average age of our fleet stable for 6 months.
For this reason, we also employ people who are willing to help and advise you at any time. If you did not find exactly what you need in this article, or you are interested in expanding your cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details provided.