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CO2 affects the whole world, fauna and flora, the melting of glaciers, the weather or the frequency of natural disasters.

The word emission is used by each of us in a certain context. Have you ever wondered why emissions are bad, what they cause and how we can reduce them effectively?

The word emissions is probably most associated in the current period in connection with CO2, which represents carbon dioxide emissions. They are by far the biggest contributor to air pollution. They lead to climate change and, last but not least, global warming. CO2 emissions accumulate in the atmosphere below the ozone layer. In layman's terms, these accumulated gases prevent heat from entering the earth into space, increasing the temperature on earth. In recent years, this has had a growing impact at an exponentially accelerating rate on the world, fauna and flora, the melting of glaciers, the weather or the frequency of natural disasters.

Emissions have traditionally increased along with the purchasing power of the population. As things and goods become more accessible to a larger mass of people, production increases. This also applies to the automotive sector. Cars are becoming more and more accessible to ordinary people, mainly due to renting and operating leasing. To use the vehicle, you do not have to buy it for tens of thousands of euros, but you can buy a car as needed   borrow for a few hundred euros a month .

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So how to achieve CO2 reduction and how to set goals and priorities in this regard?

The European Union's goals are more than ambitious in this regard.

Average CO2 is at the following levels:

  • 2019 with a minimum reached at 122.3 g CO2 / km, with   EU target   was to get below 130 g CO2 / km, so it succeeded.

The plan for the average value of CO2 is set for the next period even more strictly:

  • 2020 - 2024 to the level of 95 g CO2 / km

Despite a constant reduction in CO2 over the last 10 years, this pace has slowed down. If we look at why this is the case despite the EU's strategies and restrictions , we will see an interesting trend.

Customers are increasingly fond of SUV car models, which, however, have higher CO2 emissions. These are mostly petrol models with an average higher CO2 value of almost 10%. Users, whether private individuals or companies and their preferences, therefore have the greatest impact on the implementation of the CO2 reduction strategy. Corporate social responsibility is many times, especially in the West, but it is gradually penetrating into the Slovak Republic, as a condition for the acquisition of a vehicle fleet, not only the price but also the value of CO2 emissions and decides which vehicles to your fleet from which provider chooses.

The intention to have a green fleet is really the simplest way for companies to contribute to the responsible coexistence of us all. The most important thing, and this is true everywhere, is to bounce back from something and start. However, as soon as you get companies that run a lot of KM per month or   deliver goods   they realize this, the sooner we will not only achieve the common goal, but exceed it.

Average CO2 as one of the primary indicators is monitored when selecting vehicles for their fleets as well   big players in the field of operational leasing and car rental .
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