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How to get on vacation? By air, your own or rented car or public transport?

How we will vacation in time COVID-19 and why it is more comfortable and safer   to go on vacation by rented car ? You can read the answers to these questions and other tips on where to safely vacation in this latest article.

With the warmer weather approaching, most of us are already thinking about how we will spend our time during the coming summer. However, the big question remains how favorable or unfavorable the situation will be with regard to COVID-19 and whether the borders will be open for travelers and tourists.

Precisely because of the uncertainty regarding the development of the pandemic situation, it will be important to make flexible plans so that we can adapt them. Two things that holidaymakers have traditionally thought of well in advance, for example thanks to the various FIRST MINUTE offers, are accommodation and transport. One of the most adaptable ways not to fall into a trap if the authorities accidentally close the border is the possibility of canceling or postponing the holiday. On the other hand, if you decide to travel on your own, you have even more flexibility in your hands.

You can change or cancel your accommodation by default thanks to more lenient cancellation conditions. This also applies to individual transport if you decide to travel by your own or rented car . In the case of car rental, the standard procedure is the same as when you change the date for accommodation. If you decide for a car rental in the summer season 2021, it will be very important to book your car well in advance.

Therefore, we recommend that you start looking for offers as soon as possible. See, for example, our offer of holiday car rental packages. if   you want to save , you have to think ahead enough. Car rental companies are already reporting a shortage of cars on demand, which they expect. Therefore, logically, rental prices will also go significantly higher.

Why is it good to go on holiday in a rented car?

On vacation, each of us wants to switch off, not stress, reset and relax. It is very inconvenient if, for example, your car breaks down and you have to deal with worries about its repair and moving. These worries are exacerbated if you have small children. You therefore need to resolve the situation as soon as possible. The rented car also brings quality services and assistance as standard . At the same time, cars in reputable car rentals are very well equipped as standard and are new or refurbished . As a result, the risk of a problematic situation is reduced.

So if you decide to go to this year's holiday by car, we have 2 TOP TIPS for you in the form of well-chosen holiday destinations.

By default, which holiday destinations are the most popular among Slovaks?


We often also call Croatia the Slovak Sea. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Croatia normally benefits from tens of thousands of Slovak holidaymakers. This is mainly due to the short distance, affordability and language that especially older generations of Slovaks understand. This seaside holiday destination is accessible directly to Slovaks by car and is therefore a safe and, above all, flexible choice. If you decide to travel to Croatia, we definitely recommend visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which are a beautiful natural phenomenon full of harmony.


The Tatras are equally enchanting in the winter and summer seasons. Beautiful mountains, fresh air, traditional Slovak dishes attract many tourists to our mountains every year. In summer, holidaymakers spend time hiking or climbing marked bike paths. Also because of the use of bicycles, holidaymakers often go to the Tatras in cars. Even in this case, it is a type of safe and flexible holiday destination. If you will be vacationing in Slovakia in the summer and the Tatras will be your choice, you will certainly not regret it. We recommend going to Štrbské pleso or Kriváň.

Summer 2021 is here soon!   Plan   Your experience now!