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Flexibility, simplicity and complexity are important for companies

Outsourcing activities   is becoming an increasingly effective solution for a larger number of companies. Companies are looking for ways to focus primarily on their core business and other activities   leave to partners - specialists who know how to do the activities   better quality, more efficient and often cheaper.

AVIS offers comprehensive business mobility services for companies. From consulting, through car rental to fleet management. AVIS has been operating in Slovakia for 25 years. During this period, it served more than 200,000 customers and established itself as a stable partner for corporate clients and also as a public sector partner.

As part of fleet mobility solutions, AVIS provides a comprehensive solution for companies of any size and provides advice on fleet optimization for companies to achieve the highest possible efficiency, savings and, last but not least, comfort for the service users themselves.


Mobility as a service

As part of our services, we provide the customer with programs:

  • car rental (from 1 day to several years),

-It depends on whether the customer needs maximum flexibility and the need to rent a car always dominates only for a few days, when you use the classic car rental service and make reservations without restrictions online, or you are interested in renting a car for a fixed period, e.g. 3 or 6 months , or you will use the 12-month commitment , when you will achieve an even more advantageous offer. For stable positions in companies and the so-called top managerial positions, we usually recommend a longer commitment, which should be at the level of 3 to 4 years , depending on the requirements of the vehicle and mileage.


-when the customer first rents the vehicle to try it out, or due to the need to optimize the input capital to the vehicle and then buys it for a pre-agreed amount.

  • fleet management

-the customer leaves the worries to AVIS and enjoys the comfort of trouble-free use of his vehicles. AVIS takes care of all regular and irregular tasks related to the use of the vehicle. From moving vehicles, through their servicing to the resolution of insurance claims, or evaluating the effectiveness of the use of each vehicle.

Offer vehicles

The vehicles in our offer are of various makes and models in the richest possible equipment .

  • The technical condition of the vehicles is excellent
  • The average age of vehicles in our country is 9 months, while most of the fleet is registered in 2021
  • The vehicles we offer meet strict emission limits and have low CO2

Who is our customer

  • companies of any size
  • companies that employ employees seasonally
  • companies that need to cover the period before a new vehicle is delivered to them
  • companies that have employees on fixed-term contracts
  • companies which came from abroad for a fixed period
  • companies that flexibly need to respond to the increase in orders

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