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The threats that affect us today are serious

Bratislava 13.1.2020 United Rental Group, sro, operating under the international brands AVIS and PAYLESS car rental, is the largest operator of passenger and commercial vehicle rental in Slovakia, whose fleet exceeded 1,500 vehicles in 2019. It has the ambition to be not only the largest operator of individual transport services of goods and services, but also to set new environmental trends in passenger transport.

CO2 emissions should not be taken lightly. They are involved in many of the problems we have around us. Whether health or environmental. Although many entrepreneurs in transport related sectors do not perceive emissions as a threat or are unwilling to accept their level of responsibility, we are thinking about it and we are taking action on environmental responsibility to help reduce the environmental impact of human activity in the long term. .

Our goal is to gradually reduce emissions according to European Union regulations and rules, regardless of the fact that such rules do not currently exist in the current Slovak legislation. We want to be a leader not only in technological but also environmental innovations.

We care about the country in which we live and work. We try to transform our attitude and philosophy into our business as much as possible, often at the cost of higher costs.


In 2019, the company's average fleet emissions were 120 g / km CO2, which is almost 15% less in the car rental segment and up to 19% compared to the fleet of taxi operators.

The 2020 target is to achieve an average level of emissions of 105 g / km CO2 and to achieve the prescribed European target of 95 g / km CO2 in 2021.

“We believe, that this step on how to less burden this country with emissions, will be perceived by customers as innovative and our low-emission vehicles will be all the more in demand by customers – and, by nature, more attractive,” says Vladimír Orth, CEO of AVIS.

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