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Click, drive and do not worry

Everyone would like to drive a new car. It's safe, comfortable and with a minimum of worries (it shouldn't go wrong) not to mention that the car is also a matter of prestige. This experience still applies to us. Your surroundings perceive you through the car. Not so long ago, when the car was saved for the family for several years, the car was bought for 10-15 years until it arrived. The choice was not large, in principle you had a similar Skoda as a neighbor.

But today we live in the digital age and AVIS is a leader in innovative solutions. It offers a digital online platform on how to secure your car through long-term rental and with a rich number of services such as insurance, a highway stamp or tires included in the rental price. It's cheap, efficient and most importantly simple.

What to think about when you go to get a car. These rules apply equally to individuals and companies.


The first and most important thing is to determine how much money I have. If I don't have enough, I have to borrow somewhere and go through a complicated approval process, for example at a bank. The same applies to operating leases, where they must approve you to give you the vehicle. In addition to the complex process of administrative equipment, you must already approve the finances for a specific car in advance. Should you opt for another, you must apply for approval again.

With the AVIS MaxiRent product, you get the vehicle! If you are a company, your financial indicators will be evaluated and the algorithm will calculate the amount of any security. If you are a natural person, the security is 6 times the monthly rent in the amount without VAT. So, if, for example, the monthly rent is € 200 excluding VAT, your security, which is of course refundable after the end of the lease, is € 6 x € 200 = € 1,200. Whether it is little or much, we leave it to your discretion. But you get a new and usually very richly equipped vehicle from us, for example, the price of such a Renault Clio is € 15,000, so the security is only 8% of the value of the vehicle.


If you buy a vehicle, you are worried not only about its selection, but also about insurance, service and also possible sale when you no longer need it, or if you want a change. In addition, with operating leases, you are usually tied to a minimum of 36 months or more.

With the AVIS Maxirent, the bond is flexible and is one of its key pillars. You can choose from a long-term rental offer from 3 to 36 months. You can choose a new or new vehicle, personal or utility vehicle, small or large, colors in one way or another, and all the worries with the vehicle are on the AVIS side, from closing the fuses to servicing or logging off the vehicle at the end. These services will be even more appreciated by companies where financial and time efficiency comes first.


One month's installment includes everything related to car ownership and operation and is so low that the classic ownership and repayment of a new car loses its meaning.

The customer already pays   only for the fuel that passes . All our cars are new or refurbished (technically tested) and with economical engines, so the cost of fuel will be favorable.

Below you will find a simple table that will help you find your way around the advantages and disadvantages in comparison

purchase of a vehicle / operating lease / long-term lease from AVIS MaxiRent


For private persons:

  1. when you need a second car for the family for a limited time and you do not want to buy a risky ticket or buy a new expensive car;
  2. if for any reason you do not receive a financial lease for a new car;
  3. while waiting for a new car to be delivered from production;
  4. when you change jobs for which you need your own car but do not have the means to buy it;
  5. after a loss event while your own car is in service.

For self-employed and small entrepreneurs:

  1. if you want to have all the costs of the car included in the costs;
  2. when you need a car to do business but don't have the capital to buy a new one;
  3. to bridge the period of production and delivery of a new car;
  4. during the temporary employment of an employee abroad;
  5. when, as a SZČO, you do not receive financing from a bank or car manufacturer;

  For companies:

  1. for a probationary staff member;
  2. for an employee working on a specific time-limited project;
  3. as a Pool Car for employees or customers;
  4. during the temporary employment of an employee abroad;
  5. if you want to have all the costs of the car included in the costs;


  • purchase and registration of a vehicle;
  • vehicle financing;
  • vehicle deterioration;
  • motorway stamp valid for SR;
  • UGS insurance;
  • accident insurance;
  • factory-guaranteed warranty transactions;
  • year-round tire fitting and storage;
  • assistance services;
  • check-out of the vehicle at the end of the lease.

The whole process of ordering a vehicle takes place in the online space. The customer chooses from the offer of vehicles the one that suits him best, for example in size, motor or equipment, and then chooses one of the predefined monthly rides. In the next step, fill in your personal data, resp. company data and is just waiting for confirmation regarding a possible security for the vehicle. This is determined in the case of a corporate client by an algorithm after evaluating the financial indicators of the subject.

See the current offer of vehicles on this line: 

AVIS also creates its range of vehicles with regard to the environment. In 2020, it managed to reach an ambitious level of CO2 on its entire fleet, where the original intention of average values of 105 g / km of CO2 was further reduced, to   level of 98.5 g / km CO2.

The AVIS brand is part of a global network of vehicle rental and leasing operators. The company has been operating its services in Slovakia under the Avis brand since 1996.