Are you choosing a holiday? What to think about? Tips and tricks.

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Where and how to travel for a holiday or recreation this summer?

The year 2020 has started very turbulently for all of us. As early as the beginning of the year, we all became very aware of the first reports of a virus spreading in China. At that time, however, no one would have wondered how much COVID-19 would affect the rest of the world and what would happen in the next few months. 

There have been too many reports of the spread of the virus, they are full of media, they have become new "ice breakers" and have unfortunately become a part of our daily lives. Each of us needs to vent our heads and come up with new ideas. How to achieve this? We will be happy to give you a few tips on what to do, where to go and how to get there safely.

# 1 TIP - plan 

It is important to think about where, when, with whom, for how long you want to go, in order to change the environment and tune in positively. The current pressure on holiday destinations where they have the situation under control is high, so we recommend not waiting and start looking around as soon as possible. Croatia, too, already reports 80% of booked capacities in June and 70% in July. 

# 2 TIP - Do a little research 

According to your possibilities and preferences, decide whether you would like to relax in Slovakia and get to know the beauties of our mountains or you would like to bounce to breathe the sea air, for example, somewhere in Croatia. In any case, we recommend that you choose the places that are as safe as possible from the point of view of the COVID-19 extension, and we definitely recommend choosing individual car transport. Expensive? We will tell you in a moment how to save money with special holiday packages for renting a car. 

# 3 TIP - create a budget 

In these times, you need to be financially responsible even more than you have in the past. Needless to say, we are out of the worst economically. However, a fresh mind is also very important for our health and functioning. Therefore, we recommend finding harmony in how to vacation but burden the family budget as little as possible. 

# 4 TIP - book your accommodation and choose the safest form of transport 

There are many sites on the Internet today that recommend various accommodations. However, it should not be forgotten that these sites collect considerable commissions from accommodation facilities as well as car rental companies. Therefore, it can be significantly cheaper for you if you make a reservation directly through the service provider. You can save thanks to special promotions and advantageous offers. 

# 5 TIP - put a game or family together and set off on a journey 

If you have chosen a hotel, put together a game, agree on how to get to your destination safely and comfortably. AVIS has prepared for you an interesting and advantageous offer for renting Renault Captur vehicles with automatic transmission and 150 horsepower, Škoda Superb in Style equipment and 190 horsepower or 9-seater Renault Trafic vehicles in holiday packages, where you get 2.3 or up to 5 days of rental completely free. 

You can see the vehicles in this offer:

We wish you a happy journey.