Najväčšia požičovňa áut v Bratislave

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Avis will provide you with comfortable transportation for a trip or vacation at great prices in winter.

Good planning is necessary before a trip or vacation. And there is a lot to consider in advance: Are the ski areas suitable for children, are ski schools and lifts and other attractions open to younger people? Is it not easy for you to choose the right ski area? We have some tips for a unique family skiing trip.

With our special offer for winter holidays, you can easily save more than 40% of the rental price and have money left over for other experiences.

Thanks to the wide range of models, you will find the vehicle that will suit your preferences from the ECONOMY and COMPACT categories.

Everything is simple, you can make a reservation online from the comfort of your home and we will accept it automatically according to actual availability.

Select "Pay Now Online" when booking.

As our offer is limited in capacity, we have prepared an action for the fastest ones, thanks to which you will receive from us 1 or 3 days completely free   for your rental.


How to do it?

1. Choose the desired car from the ECONOMY or COMPACT category, click on your date so that the total rental period is 7 or 3 days.
2. Don't forget to enter the discount code.
3. Complete your personal data and pay the rent online.

All done!

Rental for 3 days (1 DAY FREE)


Rental for 7 days (3 DAYS FREE)


If the reservation is not paid within 60 minutes of its sending, it will be automatically cancelled. The price for 1 or 3 days will be deducted automatically. If the vehicle you selected is not available on the given date or the capacities of our employees are fully utilized, the system will not allow you to make a reservation. In that case, we recommend you choose another date or vehicle, or write us an email.

The promotion is valid only for online orders received until 10/02/2023 with the return of the vehicle in February 2023 at the latest and for a limited number of vehicles.

Reserve a vehicle according to your preference today.

  • Before renting, it is necessary to pay a deposit, which varies according to the categories of vehicles
  • The driver must be over 25 years old
  • Reservation with creation no later than February 10, 2023
  • Valid for reservations with return until 02/28/2023
  • Applies to all ECONOMY and COMPACT categories

The price includes:

  • Mileage run
  • Statutory insurance (PZP)
  • Accident insurance
  • Insurance against theft
  • Motorway stamp valid for SR

The price does not include:

Each of our vehicles is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected - you can read more about disinfection here


If you are interested in our offer, or if you would like to learn more about the new offer, please contact us at +421 900 200 200 (this line is charged at €0.60/minute including VAT), or write to us email to